Thanks to the illumination sensors on the outside walls of the building and inside the room, it is possible to regulate the extent of openenig the blinds, curtains or shutters, so as to maintain cofortable level of the brightness in the room.

Curtain/sliding door

Curtain and terraced doors control. Scalability of the application allows you to control any device in your home.

Awnings, pleats

Awnings control in the SOURCE applicationit's not just about closing and opening.
With light sensors, it is possible to adjust the light intensity according to the previous settings.

Kurtyny / drzwi przesuwne
Patio doors, garage, gateway

Easy to use SOURCE application allows you to use your phone or tablet as an ordinary remote control.

Garaż, bramy wiazdowe furtki
Projector screen

Projector control is realized by the application icons, programable buttons, or previously created scene such as: "cinema".

Ekran projektora Source INT

Control the blinds, curtains, windows, and awnings with classic or modern buttons.

The Scenes

Windows, curtains or blinds with light scenes allows you to make benefit. Close the windows and blinds when you leave your home by launching a proper scene just with one touch.


The use of the astronomical clock lets you automatically perform twilight actions. You adjust the time for the tasks to the Sun in relative to the Earth depending on the seasons and geographical latitude. Set automatic curtains closing at twilight and opening at a specific time in the morning.

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