Air conditioning and ventilation

Modern automation system increases the comfort and efficiency of home air conditioning and ventilation. Connect the air conditioner controller from SOURCE thanks to support of BACNET, KNX, and other leading protocols. Take care of your health and breathe freely using air reparation technology.

Komfort cieplny SourceINT
Pompy ciepła PREMIUM
  • Ekologiczne rozwiązanie do dużych nieruchomości
  • Niezawodne, długotrwałe działanie dzięki najwyższej jakości wykonania
  • Wysoka efektywność dzięki wykorzystaniu energii z gruntu lub powietrza
  • Elastyczne możliwości rozbudowy, np. o panele fotowoltaiczne
Pompy ciepła

Automatic regulation based on set temperature and sensor readings.

SOURCE allows use of the thermometers in each room thanks to modules or buttons with own sensors and the application along with the switches allows you to set the temperature you need. Everything to ensure the highest class comfort while caring for the environment by reducing energy consumption. Humidity and CO2 sensors are translated into optimal ventilation.

Water, electrical  under floor heating

Control of water heaters valves, separately or locally, control of the electric heaters and floor heating system allow easy management of heating comfort for each space or zone.

Management based on the defined usage plans

Systems can be turned off at a certain time in order to save energy. It is possible to switch automatically between comfort/night/economic and powered off mode. Just set a certain temperature and each mode will change the state of devices in the selected way (for example, the level of heating in the living room will be lowered at night; the bathroom floor will be warm in the morning).

Komfort cieplny SourceINT

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