- Complex system of source automation

- compact system that integrates all devices at home.
Manage them as you wish.

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We will help you to choose the apropriate luminaires, complete the order, deliver it to your home and assemble, in order to give your interior a new dimension.

Shades and Curtains

Modern home or office is a place, where shading systems are fully automated. Thanks to this solution, you can forget about the traduitional and inconvenient pulling or opening of blinds or curtains

Thermal Comfort

Automatic regulation based on set temperature and sensor readings.


The use of additional sensors allows you to monitor how much electricity each device or zone consumes on an ongoing basis. Additionally you can save the history for further analisys or later use.


Our multimedia solutions enable intelligent control via smartphones, tablets or special touch panels. By designing Multiroom Audio/Video systems, we enable the distribution of image and sound to many rooms.

Household Appliances

SOURCE - Kompletny system automatyki
Scheme of the automation system - SOURCE

Convenience, thermal comfort, anti-theft system, power management, security and health protection programs. SOURCE application is a complex automation platform. You can manage your house with your phone. You can also monitor its conditions and receive immediate notifications in case of any safety accidents.

Schemat systemu automatyki - SOURCE
SOURCE Configurator

Visualisation software. Complete SCADA visualisation system.

SOURCE Konfigurator

Configuration - a full SOURCE KONFIGURATOR automation is an intuitive graphical tool that enables the creation and modification of automation rules.

SCADA - Pełna automatyzacja

SOURCE visualization - full control in any place and any time during travelling, being in the office or anywhere

You can always control your house or office using SOURCE application. You can have a full control above the house from the computer screen, smartphone or other device having the Internet.

Aplikacja Source INT
Steer automation using classical or modern buttons

- that's all thanks to integration with the SOURCE Application

Przyciski Source INT

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