Lighting control Turn on/Turn off

Lighting control turn on/off as in a classical installation.
Full light configuration and composition of multiple scenes for a single source.

Lighting control Turn on/Turn off

Perfectly adjusted light and the unique atmosphere thanks to light sources with Dim to Warm technology
– dimming leads to color change on a warmer hue as in the classic light bulbs.

Regulacja kolorów RGB

SOURCE supports the light sources with adjustable color (RGB and RGBw – with the possibility of the lumination with the white light). It allows you to match the color, brightness, and saturation smoothly, and save the selected settings.

Tunable White

Full control over the color temperature from the warm white of the dimmed light bulb to the cool tone of daylight.
You can always adjust the light to your current needs.

Tunable White
Connect DimLight lighting in groups and separate into zones

Connect the selected fixtures in any group and assign the selected button to it – maximum intuitiveness and comfort with the possibility to make changes any time.

Łączenie oświetlenia w grupy i podział na strefy
We design and we provide lighting

We work with leading lighting companies from all over the world that bring us the newest solutions.


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