Care assistance for the elder or sick people and children.

Remote live view

Thanks to the cameras connected to SOURCE, you can keep an eye on people under your care wherever you are.

Detection of presence and suspicious activity

If you're not at home, the system can monitor whether people under your care stay at home and whether their behavior indicates a potential problem or dangerous event.


 Pomoc w opiece nad osobami starszymi, chorymi i dziećmi

Monitoring i opieka

Data collecting relating to the state of health

The system supports health monitoring devices and presents them in one place in a convenient way.

Saving and measure analyze

Data is recorded and stored in the database so that you can access them at any time.

Collected data can be automatically analyzed and used for informational notifications.

Sensors that detect accidents

The monitoring device can detect health disorders and movements.
In this case, you will be sent a notification or an alert.

Reminders and alarms

The scheduled events may be accompanied by reminders and alarms. Sensors provide a system with functions of detecting whether the reminder activities were realized or not.

Automatic notifications for caregivers

In case of any potential threats, you will be notified, if you're not near you can select a placeholder or a group of mentors, who will be able to help you if necessary.

SOS Button

Placed in an easily accessible location, provides immediate notification and emergency.

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