System monitoringu i podgląd na żywo
Monitoring system and live preview

External and internal cameras allow you to remotely view image in real time from your computer or the application. Special cameras also enable monitoring at night. The system can automatically save the recordings when will detect an activity that poses potential danger.

Automatic call preview

Preview from the cameras can be displayed on the screen automatically at the time of arrival of a guest or in case of suspicious activity. Potentially dangerous activity may also be signaled by the alarm or any other selectred system action.

Video entry system

The touch panel of the automation system can act as a video intercom, when someone rings the doorbell, the camera preview will appear on the screen, pressing the button will enable two-way voice communication.

Remote control

Control the system from the outside the home and gain remote access via the application, SMS, e-mail, RSS and Web browser.

Anti-theft systems

Modern alarm panel
The alarm control panel integrated with home automation system creates unprecedented posibilities. Access to a much broader base of sensors and cameras increases the reliability. The controller with a function for scheduling tasks and scenes ensures that the alarm panel is active when there is nobody at home.

Access to all devices at home enables the use of advanced functions as for example the simulaton of someone’s presence at home in a moment of discovering of an unwanted guest.

Systemy antywłamaniowe
Integracja z systemami alarmowymi

Rozbudowany system alarmowy realizuje podstawowe zadania jakimi jest ochrona ludzi i mienia. Systemy alarmowe idealnie sprawdzają się z zabezpieczeniu obiektów prywatnych, firmowych oraz infrastruktury krytycznej.

Szeroka gama urządzeń różnych typów zapewni ochronę zewnętrzną (czujki ruchu, kurtynowe, aktywne bariery podczerwieni), obwodową (czujki magnetyczne, zbicia szyby, wstrząsowe) i wewnętrzną (czujki przestrzennej ochrony wewnętrznej i ochrony dodatkowej).

Zdalna kontrola

Kontroluj system z poza domu i uzyskuj zdalny dostęp poprzez aplikację, sms, e-mal, rss oraz przeglądarkę internetową.


Explosive gas and carbon monoxide detection

Sensors connected to the alarm and notification system.

The heating of gutters, roof inlets, and ramps

The heating of gutters, roof inlets, and ramps

SOURCE automatically takes care of ice removing in winter time in the gutters to protect from damages and improper disposal of water during snowmelt. Heated driveway, activated exactly when you need it, gives you comfort and prevents from slipping.

czujnik zalania

Explosive gas and carbon monoxide detection

Sensors connected to the alarm and notification system.


Czujniki otwarcia okien i drzwi

Niezbędny element każdego systemu alarmowego, czujniki wykrywają czy nie nastąpiło niechciane otwarcie drzwi lub okien. System automatycznie dba o to, czy drzwi i okna są zamknięte gdy nikogo nie ma w domu

Move and presence detection

Move and presence detection

Move and presence detection

Powiadomienia Push

Automatic notifications

In case of potential threats, the system sends automatic notifications in the form you select.
Accidents affecting the security can be followed by automatic notifications to security service companies or police.

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