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    Time for the modern life has come.
    SOURCE - Complete automation system for your home
  • Aplikacja SourceINT
    House controll
    SOURCE Application - simple control of your home from any place
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    Classic or display buttons
    SOURCE application allows control of the buttons from many manufacturers
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SOURCE control system

Your house is full of peace

The SOURCE system cares about the safety of your household Integrated fire system, floods or burglary make your home secure. Sensors of health state and activities let analyze accidents that may happen in children’s’ and adults’ lives.


- the application you will love

Control your entire home in a variety of ways, choose the list mode or graphics mode, - set as you like.

SOURCE App on iOS and Android.

Control by using your voice via SOURCE application

Voice integration with automation.
Thanks to the SOURCE, you can easily control equipment related to home automation by your voice.

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Lighting control

The light perfectly matches and create a unique atmosphere thanks to Dim to Warm, Tunable White and RGBTW technologies. Adjust the light by yourself to suit your needs with the SOURCE Application.

The SOURCE system integrates a light system from the leading companies-we are ready to meet any challenges..


Blinds, shutters and windows control by SOURCE application

Thanks to the illumination sensors on the walls of the building and inside the room it is possible to regulate until which extent you want to open blinds, curtains or shutters, so as to maintain the brightness in the room that you feel comfortable.


Savings and heating comfort

The SOURCE system has tools to energy consumption optimization. It helps to make your home more environmentally friendly. We also care about receiving lower electricity bills.


System SOURCE cares about your health and safety

Well-developed alarm system, monitoring, and sensors for fire detection, burglary, flooding, gas leak, the presence of carbon monoxide and monitoring the state of health of your family.

Multimedia Integration with SOURCE system

Multiroom audio-video is a unique system that allows image and sound distribution in many places. You can listen to any audio source: radio, TV, CD, or DVD in each room.. The SOURCE system integrates many of the world's leading brands, allowing you to control any device directly via the application.

Integration of AGD equipment

SOURCE integrates household equipment such as coffee machines, dishwashers, wine refrigerators, ovens and scanners, X-Spect. You can control multiple devices with the application SOURCE, - with us it is possible