Oszczędzaj z darmową energią ze słońca

Własna elektrownia słoneczna daje gwarancję oszczędności oraz niezależności energetycznej.
Proponujemy rozwiązania PREMIUM, które umożliwiają sprawne funkcjonowanie instalacji przez okres co najmniej 30 lata.

Panele fotowoltaiczne
Live view on the resource usage

The usage of additional sensors allows you to monitor how much electricity  each device or zone consume and save it for later use.

Rzeczywisty podgląd wykorzystania zasobów

Presence sensors excluding unnecessary lighting

When all the people leave the room the light will be darkened, after a long absence, it will be turned off unless you set another program.

Control of light and heating comfort based on the usage plans

Set the hours when some of the rooms or the whole house will be without heating, and the system will turn it off automatically or reduce the level of its work. Don’t worry - SOURCE will ensure that your home provides a maximum of comfort at the time of your return.

Recuperation systems operation, heat pumps, fireplaces with water jacket and water recovery

Modern installations offer a variety of eco-friendly solutions that ensure saving money and environment protection, but they often require support to achieve full efficiency. Dealing with SOURCE it maximizes benefits with a minimum of maintenance.

Live sensor readings

Sensors enable visual control of the current state of the temperature, humidity or ventilation.

komfort cieplny


Application of controlled sockets allows you to control all electrical equipment and enable or disable them using the buttons or the application.

Remote device management

Enable, disable and change the settings of the automation devices from any location using an application that integrates the whole automation of your home.

Adjustment based on light intensity

Light sensors that are located inside the spaces and outside the building allow optimizing the brightness at home managing dimming tools and curtains and blinds.


Communication between electricity and water meters
Modern meters send information about consumption to SOURCE to provide a convenient overview and enable data analysis to optimize operation.

Detection of the excesive usage
SOURCE is able to recognize usage the patterns and will alert you about the potential problem if it notices an unexpected changes in the energy or water consumption.

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